Is Test Cricket Going to Disappear?

He explained that "Formerly when we learnt batting we were told that we'd need to bat before the bowlers could choose the wicket. " However, the scenario is quite different today.  The concept that Ponting attempted to share with us is quite appropriate in Test cricket.  But today, we are seeing and praising the new format of cricket i.e. twenty20 cricket.  If I am not saying incorrect the nostalgia of Test cricket is decreasing gradually nowadays.  As a real fan of cricket I am quite anxious about the future of test cricket.

A genuine question usually comes to our thoughts with this thought; will test cricket be expiring slowly?  It can't be denied that with the recent hype of twenty20 cricket Test cricket has dropped his prior place.  This looks really sad for me as a cricket buff.  See, any new addition is welcome but doesn't mean we would need to forget our past.

 Some of them are still continuing with the newest form but most of them have retired.  Legendary spinners Warne, Kumble, Murali have already taken retirement.   Some of the famous cricketers like Sachin, Kallis are still continuing their attempt but other greats like Steve Waugh, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, and Brian Lara have obtained retirement.  Obviously the attraction of test cricket has disappeared together.

When we were in our childhood we longed to watch the Ashes series, India-Pakistan evaluation series, Srilanka-Australia test series etc..  But today even those heavy-weight series will also be losing interest from the fans.  Many will probably be agreed with my opinion that, today an IPL game will find more attraction than an Ashes test set games.  It is actually heart-aching for the fans like me.

 People have become more quickly.  A 20 over short match is quite acceptable to them instead of a long 5 days evaluation game.  I am speaking from my experience that individuals will flock to watch a T20 game as opposed to a test game.  The press also creates an extra hype during the IPL championship tournaments and other similar events.

There are some monetary causes too that produce this twenty20 matches so popular.  As the t20 matches are watched by a large amount of individuals, the organizers got many patrons.  Today, most of the sponsors prefer to advertise themselves through a limited over cricket games.  As these limited over games bring more revenue, the board members also wish to organize these largely.  These restricted over forms are more audience puller.  That's why large amount of people flock onto it.

Another important thing that makes it more popular is its entertainment department.  The IPL tournament that BCCI generally arranges is a massive crowd puller.  One of most exciting aspect part of the tournament is its entertainment.  Cheerleaders, bollywood actors, apps after game, sponsored celebration etc., have put in an extra attraction over the tournament.  Twenty20 games are also a excellent revenue opportunity for your young players.

But at the exact same time we ought to keep it in our thoughts that Test cricket is now an art.  The capability of a participant is judged genuinely in this kind of cricket.  We ought to preserve this form.  I also enjoy watching twenty20 games but frankly speaking I'd never like to view it test cricket is disappearing.  What do you think about it?

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